3 Idiots – The Chetan Bhagat Controversy

The movie was a grand success. I went to the first day first show and managed to get a ticket at Rs 200(black) and yesterday I had again revisited the movie. Only this time it cost me Rs 80(again black) for the front row seat. The movie was undoubtedly one of the best I have ever seen. It seems in 3 idiots Amir Khan and his crew really has done a miraculous work.

Starting from the ragging scene to the ending scene I enjoyed the movie. The only drawback I found is that I could find the name of Chetan Bhagat or the words “ Based on 5 Point Someone”  or anything similar anywhere in the movie although the story resembles the book a lot.

So what’s the 3 Idiots controversy about?

According to the news many days ago once Chetan had opposed to this and had pointed out that since he too had made an important contribution to the film he should be given more credit and the credit should be equal to those given to the makers of the film Abhijat Joshi and Raj Kumar Hiran.

However both Joshi and Hiran have told the media that while signing the contract they had mentioned clearly the same and they have kept their side of the deal and printed his name as decided on the contract. But when it comes to the audience, who are they actually trying to fool, all those who have watched the movie know that at least 70% of the movie is based on the novel.

Further Chetan has also said that he wants no publicity and that all the movie prints are going to remain the same. He just wants that justice should be done and hence only the changing of official records is more than enough for him. Personally I think the makers should encourage budding script writers such as him for it is solely due to him that a movie could be made and also became popular. They should not ignore the fact that most of the students and people had gone just because it was based on 5 Point Someone.

As for now those who believe that injustice has been done, do support the author and let’s try to bring justice to his doorsteps.