5 Must Have Chrome Plugins / Extensions for Bloggers

Google Chrome serves to be one of the popular, much liked and favorite browser and has been offering a number of benefits since 2008. At first, this Internet browser was not featured with any sort of plugins or extensions but with time, it has a number of plugins that the bloggers and other professionals can use. Google Chrome eventually grabbed the attention of the bloggers and other users because of its simplicity and speed. Some of the popular and in fact the top 5 Chrome plugins for bloggers are as follows:

Explain and Send Screenshots

It has been observed that when you take some screenshot, it captures the entire desktop. But in case you wish to have the screenshot of just a part of the web page, you can use the Explain and Send Screenshots option. With this Chrome plugin, you will be able to take the screenshot, download it, edit it and share on the net with the help of just one extension. This is indeed a nice application in case you need to take a number of screenshots.


Zemanta is another Chrome plugin that expands the regular blogging dashboard of the author thereby populating it on fly with the content suggestions that are related to the present text. This plugin presents articles, links, images as well as tags in an interface. It even supports WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, LiveJournal, TypePad, Ning, Tumblr. Zemanta also encourages re-utilizing and linking to the content with very less amount of efforts by just a single click of the mouse.

Goo.gl URL Shortener

Goo.gl url shortener is the Chrome extension that permits the bloggers to shorten the present site URL with latest Google URL shortener application. Once it is compressed, the website URL will automatically be copied to the clipboard and one can then share it with Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google Reader, Blogger, Gmail, Delicious or the default mail client.


RSS Subscription Extension

This Chrome extension helps to auto detect the RSS feeds on page that you are currently reading and when it finds them, it displays the RSS icon in Omnibox thereby permitting the blogger to click on and see the feed content to subscribe. The plugin comes with the 4 feed readers that are predefined including My Yahoo, Google Reader, Bloglines and iGoogle. It even allows the blogger to add the web based feed reader of one’s choice.


As a blogger, you might wish to take notes frequently when using the Internet. Over the time, you may collect a number of documents which are actually spread across all over your computer. In such situations, it is really tough to access the important notes when need arises. But with the help of Pastebin plugin, you can easily upload the notes and make them private or public and even enjoy changing the other settings. With this Chrome extension, you can even paste any kind of text to the site http://pastebin.com. This extension further helps in installing the small icon in the browser and when you highlight some text in the Google Chrome, just click the Pastebin option and it will paste your selected text automatically into text area. Also, when you click on the submit button, you will be given a URL in which you can find the pasted text. Then you can customize this extension through the Options panel and use it to your blogging advantage.

The above mentioned Chrome plugins can be really beneficial for the bloggers and other users.