A school building blown up by Maoists in protest against Obama’s visit to India

On the same day of shutdown call in demonstration against US President’s visit to India, Maoist today blew up a school and killed two people along with blocking roads in districts like Nawrangpur, Malkangiri and Koraput in South Orissa, as reported by the police. The police has arrested two people in Koraput as they were supplying explosives to these Maoists. The police further added that 30 armed cadres of Communist Party of India raided the residential school building at Gomphakunda village, Malkangiri i.e. 600 km from Bhubaneswar in wee hours. They further blew it up using a landmine.

DIG Soumendra Priyadarshi of the Southern range added that it was desperation on part of these Maoists to blow up the newly built school building.

In other incident, armed ultras killed two people again at Dimanpur, Nawrangpur district that is about 4 km from Chhatisgarh border. In posters left behind, ultras claimed that these two killed persons were punished because they indulged in some criminal acts. The Maoists even felled trees on road that goes from Jaypore, Koraput to Malkangiri thereby disrupting the traffic on the route.

It is good to note that no person was in the school building when the Maoists blasted it. However they left some posters at the building that protested US President’s trip to India.