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Knowing even a bit about India is truly a pleasure. India is not just popular for its customs and traditions, it even attracts the people due to its vast geographical region, history, places to visit, economical and political issues and the very famous share market.

This blog on India will help you to know everything about this marvelous country- ranging from its latest news to history to lifestyle in both the urban as well as rural regions. India is simply the luminous manifestation of love, life, harmony, progress and unity. Here people of different castes, races, regions and creed live together like a close knit family. The guests and travelers are welcomed with open hands and offered the best of facilities in the great accommodations like 5 star hotels, budget accommodations like resorts, motels and cottages.

India is thus a land where the temples and microchip exist amicably. The ancient monuments of this country serve to be the backdrop for the largest democracy in the world where there is generation of the atomic energy. The industrial development in India has brought this nation within the top ten countries of the entire world. It is a land where the old traditions mingle greatly with the latest lifestyle to offer a blend of both worlds. The state- of- the art buildings, monuments, offices, restaurants, shopping centers and the conventional bazaars all add points to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of this nation.

With 29 States and 6 Union territories, India stands to be a power nation that cannot be destroyed with ugly intensions of the terrorists or any natural calamities.

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