Acer Launched New Iconia Tablet Series : 5 New Tablets Launched

The second largest PC vendor of the world- Acer has brought into market five new tablets of Iconia series featured under Windows 7 and Google Android Honeycomb 3.0 operating system.

The five new tablets being launched in the market under Iconia series include Iconia Tab A500, Iconia dual screen notebook, Iconia A100, Iconia smart A300 and Iconia W500. All the tablets come packed with an Acer Ring Control Interface, a brand new and exclusive addition to the range of Acer tablets. The Acer Ring introduces a great touchscreen experience for all its users.

Though the functionalities of the tablet remain more or less the same, but Acer has revolutionalized the product by introducing some exclusive and exceptional changes. These tablets feature multimedia playback as well as 3D gaming experience. The Dual screen notebook from Acer features HD widescreen LED backlit-LCD screen. It operates on Intel Core i5 processor with Windows 7 operating system.

Next, the Acer A100 introduces a change of 7” inch Android tablet, while Smart A300 comes equipped with video chat and video recording along with multimedia facilities and excellent browsing experience.

All the five tablets come equipped with three new features- SocialJogger, MyJournal and Scrapbook. SocialJogger, as the name suggests, allows you to jog around in the social networking sites, MyJournal facilitates collection of web clippings and Scrapbook allows users to store the clips and post them from several sources.

The touchscreen experience is excellent and empowers the users with a complete control. The Acer tablets are prices within the range of Rs 27,990-Rs 70,000. The five tablets from Acer have entered the market to compete with tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook and iPad 2.

With certain old features and some of the excellent newly introduced features, Acer works more like a notebook than a tablet, which makes it a much preferred choice for several users.