All Days and their Significance of valentine’s week

Valentine’s Day has become a passé nowadays; people are now celebrating Valentine’s Week.

7 FEB ROSE DAY: Rose is the flower of love and passion, a true symbolic of romance.
8 FEB PROPOSE DAY: This day proves to be of great significance for the people who had been awaiting the chance to say, “I love you.”
9 FEB CHOCOLATE DAY: Traditionally the Valentine’s involved exchange of candies among sweethearts, and it is scientifically proven that chocolates produce the same chemicals into the brain of a person which are produced upon feeling happiness and attraction.
10 FEB TEDDY DAY: A fat adorable teddy bear is always a best friend of girls.
11 FEB PROMISE DAY: A day to promise your love.
12 FEB HUG DAY: A day to express the promise of the love.
13 FEB KISS DAY: A day to celebrate the expression of the promises made.
14 FEB VALENTINE’S DAY: A day to celebrate the celebration of love and emotions.