Allah Ke Banday Movie Review

A yet another movie comes out of the slums. Allah ke banday (Children of the almighty), is a movie about two 12- year old children living in the slums of India. The two boys live in absolutely merciless slums and engage into crimes such as delivering drugs for the Mafia. The two kids have a dream to have a strong position in the criminal world.

The two are found trapped in a murder case falsely and find themselves behind the bars of Juvenile jail. It is during their stay at jail when they realize that life they left outside was more muddled than it was inside the Juvenile Reformatory.

The other inmates of the jail, senior to the boys subject them to all kinds of torments. Consequently, the two, instead of gettingreformed get lured by the criminal world even more. The criminal psyche of the two sets them on an expedition for ultimate power.

The two boys Vijay (the intelligent one with dangerous ideas) and Yakub (the hot headed one) are set free from jail at the age of 23 and form a gang of teenage kids to rule the slums where they were born. The circle of life continues when the boys are caught in a situation where they had to ultimately make a choice between ill-advised childhood dreams and emancipation.

Emancipation and redemption prevails but comes with a heavy price tag. The movie basically focuses about the life of children living in the slums of India, their road to criminal world and finally about the victory of good over evil. Above all, the bollywood movie is all about love, the love for the children of almighty, ‘Allah Ke Banday’.