Android vs. Windows- choose wisely

With the market of mobile phones expanding at an exponential rate, the stress comes down the operating systems. It is a thing of past that people never even had to think about which operating system their phone was running on. Two major operating systems that have been instrumental in capturing the mobile phone segment are Android and Windows. Some of the basic differences that these two operating systems have on offer are as follows.

Why the Windows?

The Windows platform provides with an integrated messaging system, which makes interaction with people an experience to cherish. Android on the other hand has different modes of interaction depending on the mobile phone companies. Checking of emails on Windows mobiles is also relatively easier than that of Android.

Android the latest craze

However Android has few features that are unparallel. With android in your phone, you are entitled to all services provided by Google. Android is known for its huge application store which has over 200,000 applications to choose from. The user interface on android is very simple and easy to adapt to. Having Android as your operating system can fit into your budget easily.

Choose the best

Android created waves because of it being open source, so it allows for better modifications and better applications and updates. Regular updates from the company ensure that your phone is never outdated when the operating source is considered. There are a lot of options available with handsets when Android is taken in to consideration. You can name any mobile phone company, and they are likely to have an android based phone.

With Windows also following the path of rawness and richness, it is difficult to choose between both the operating systems. As the time is progressing and the users are getting more knowledge about the products they use, Android or Windows will have to work hard to win audience.

How to make your decision?

So, when it comes to making the final decision about which platform to choose, it is best to go with the one that suits your preferences and requirements the best. Both Android and Windows are very popular these days and are great in their own sense. So, it actually depends on the requirements of the user that he or she selects a particular OS.

Comparing the features and benefits of both will help you make the right decision. Wait no more and use our site to get more details about Android and Windows phones.