Angad Bedi elimination from Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 3

9th Spetember, 2010 : The heartthrob of many hearts, Angad Bedi a participant of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 3 has been eliminated on the fourth day of the show. Angad Bedi was a popular and familiar face that viewers could recognize. He bid adios to the show after the bad performance in the last 2 stunts.

The first stunt of the day was to pull out flag from a rotating cylinder above the sea and put them one by one on a clasp at one end of the cylinder. Now, the portion that made this simple sounding stunt was that the participant had to get inside the cylinder which was rotating above the sea and that the speed increased after pulling out every 3 flags.The cylinder’s sides were not even complete and had big gaps left in between making it an uneven platform. Dino Morea again won this stunt by pulling out 11 flags, Shabbir Ahluwalia too pulled out 11 flag but in more time than Dino. The top five participants who got the safety bands were Dino, Shabbir, Terence, Abhishek and Ritwik each pulling out 11,11,7,6 and 6 flags respectively. Rest five participants were subjected to the next stunt which was to be performed with their partners. Each pair was left in a tank that had crabs being added in. They had to pull out the stopper from the bottom and close the water pipes on the both sides of the tank. Rahul Bose, Angad Bedi, Karan Grover, Armaan and Rahul Dev all performed it. There was a tie between the two Angad and Karan being at the last. So they were to perform again. After which Angad was eliminated. Host Priyanka Chopra even remarked Karan that he survived not because he was strong but because his competitor was weaker. With 9 participant left now, the show is becoming more interesting and more adventurous.