Another Train Accident in Bihar – How Safe Our Railway is?

On Monday i.e. 19th of July 2010, west Bengal saw two trains colliding with each other at 2 a.m. near the Jharkhand border. Around 60 people have been killed with 86 injured. Till now, 32 bodies have been rescued from this wreckage. The train department officials are perplexed as to why the speeding train from Howrah collided with another train as the trains were not actually running on the same track.

Train Accident in Bihar around 2AM on 19th June -60 Killed

Witnesses reported that they screamed at the driver to stop the train but as he was going really fast, brakes could not be made in time. Also, the driver of Uttarbanga train has died. Investigations are going on as to know the reason behind the accident. It is believed that the main reason behind this collision is the fact that one of the train drivers did not slow the speed of his train while approaching the nearby station.

The crash was so large that the sides and roof of one of the compartments slammed straightway into the pedestrian bridge going above the moving train, while another compartment was thrown over the bridge. The Vananchal Express’s compartment fell on the roads with the train tracks. The villagers in nearby area were the very first people who tried their best to rescue the passengers and victims.