Apple iPad Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab: which one is better?

Just after the Apple iPad’s latest version came out, Samsung released its tablet the Galaxy Tab which was supposed to be a great and tough contender of the Apple iPad. But which one wins the race? Let us discuss in details.

Apple iPad Vs Samsung Galaxy

Screen: If we talk about the screen, the Apple iPad wins the competition here since it boasts to have the best LCD screen so far. The 9.7 inch back lightening screen gives the users unrivalled preference if resolution is to be considered. Galaxy Tab on the other hand is undoubtedly good for watching movies but has a low resolution.

Speed: In terms of speed, both Apple iPad and Galaxy Tab stand equal. The two are more or less like identical twins as far as this quality is concerned and therefore there is no comparison between the two, which makes the result a draw.

Applications: Apple iPad undoubtedly stands a winner as far as applications are concerned. Though the number of applications with Galaxy Tab is more than the iPad but the 25,000 Apple iPad apps are beyond comparison. Galaxy Tab remains at a disadvantage besides 70,000 apps in store.

Camera: Guess what? Samsung Galaxy Tab stands a sole winner in this regard! With a 3 MP rear camera and 1.3 MP front facing camera, the Tab is great for videoconferencing and can capture 720p HD video. Apple simply ruled out from this by not adding a camera to its iPad!

As far as comparison on other things has to be done then, Apple iPad stands an unrivalled winner in terms of screen, applications and battery. In comparison, Samsung Galaxy is better in terms of size, camera and media support. Concluding to the whole scenario, Samsung Galaxy Tab offers much less enticement to the iPad users, if truth be told!

Check out the Video Comparison of Apple Ipad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab