Apple Iphone 4 Price and Review – Iphone 4G to be Launch in India by September

After Great Success of Iphone 2G and Iphone 3G, Apple recently introduced Apple IPhone 4G in US few days ago. As always this phone also have lots of great added features, better design and more. We will explain here How Apple Iphone 4G is better the previous Iphone 3G and 2G.

Apple Iphone 4 Advantages over Iphone 3G – Iphone 4G Features

1) Video Calling is possible in this phone as it also have a front camera with good resolution, which was not possible with Previous Iphones.

2) Camera of Iphone 4 i much better than old one . This phone have 5 MP Camera, which is great advantage for all who often used to click pictures with their mobiles. Camera also have LED Flash.

3) The Phone is slimmer than old Iphone.

4) There is a good options of Making Folders in Ihone 4G you can make folders and store applications inside that, this features is introduced first time in any phone and users will surely enjoy it.

5) You can go Multitasking with new 4.0 operating system.

6) You can Record and Edit High Definition Video with you Iphone 4G, for editing you need to download application from app store which will cost 4.99$

7)  With new Retina Display, resolution of Iphone 4 is best so far, it have 4 times megapixel count than old Iphone.

There are plenty of  more features with this new Iphone 4G, but India will still have to wait for the launch of Apple Iphone 4.

Apple Iphone 4 Launch in India :- As always Apple again launching Iphone 4G in India bit late and IPhone 4 is expected to launch in India by September 2010. We still have to wait for 2-3 months to get Iphone 4G.

Apple Iphone 4G Price in India :- Iphone 4G is available in 2 version 16 GB and 32 GB, 16 GB version will cost around 36000 INR in India where 32 GB version will cost around 42000 INR in India. However these phone are available around 200$ in US. Vodafone and Airtel will launch this phone initially.