Apple iPod Touch 32 GB Review & Price

The all new Apple iPod Touch 32 GB serves to be the third generation iPod available to the customers. This advanced gadget features 32 GB storage which can be used for applications, movies, music and more. The in-built touch screen of the device is simply mind boggling. What is more interesting is that the gadget is packed with wireless technology like WiFi and Bluetooth. Voice control is the latest added feature in the iPod that allows users to easily control the applications and music player with the help of voice command and use the gadget as voice recorder.

Apple Ipad Touch

Apple surely gets great grades for quality with this latest iPod Touch 32GB. The display of the iPod is touch sensitive and is safeguarded by optical glass. The device is housed in high quality having the glass front as well as stainless steel back. Even the sound quality is amazing with headphones and in built speakers. The bright 3.5 inches LCD display has excellent quality as well. The best part about Apple iPod 32 GB is its thickness of only 8.5 mm.

The new gadget is also featured with Genius Mixes. You can sync the iPod touch to the iTunes and so this Genius helps to search the library and find the songs that sound amazing with each other. It also creates multiple song mixes that you will simply love listening to. The mixes are channels that are programmed with the music.

From multi touch interface and in built accelerometer to voice control technology, the Apple iPod Touch 32 GB performs great. The user friendly interface is just incredibly easy to use and intuitive. Another striking quality about this latest gadget is that you can easily switch from communicating on the phone to application like email or maps and that too without hanging up the call.

Further, say you are enjoying a song that you like and wish to hear some other tracks as well, this device is a great option for you. Genius feature will find other tracks on the iPod that can sound excellent with the one that you are listening to. So just listen to your favorite playlist with ease, save it to enjoy it later or refresh it. You can definitely count on Genius in order to make a mix without any hassles.

While watching videos, you can also tap the iPod’s display and bring the onscreen controls. You can further pause and play and adjust the song volume as you like. If you wish to switch between full screen and widescreen, just tap the screen twice.

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Apple IPod 32 GB Price : Price of Apple Ipod 32 GB is around 14000 INR or 300$.