Apple launched iOS 4.2-iPad gets a refreshment!

After many speculations about the launch of Apple iOS 4.2 for weeks, there comes the time! The much awaited launch of iOS 4.2 will mean an additional new feature for iPad which had only been available for iPhone and iPod till now.

The new launch by Apple allows unified inbox, fast app switching, email threads, background tasks, game Center and folders for the iPad. Wait a minute! iPad users would have another two features that accompany iOS 4.2- AirPlay and AirPrint. In this context, Apple says, “It feels like an entirely new iPad experience”.

When at first Apple launched iOS 4, it was not ready for iPad yet which was the only genuine complaint of many iPad users, who found their device “somewhat old”. But not now! After the launch of Apple iOS 4.2, the users would not find their product “old” anymore since it allows you the same features as other Apple products.

Apple IOS 4.2

The expected features would be known to many, but just to make you even more aware, the new iOS 4.2 allows features like these in your iPad- 11 screens with up to 20 apps on each screen, single unified inbox view for email, geolocation, downloads/uploading, new global control panel, social gaming network and you can print a number of documents because it offers compatible printer made by HP.

With cool features like these, iPad will be refreshing for its users. Isn’t it!