Apple Launched new Apple Iphone 4 in US

The new Apple iPhone 4 is just everything that a gadget freak would need. It is attractive, innovative and stylish. When compared to the other iPhone models, this one is surely the one you would wish to own. The new iPhone 4 will be on sale from 24th June in France, Japan, Germany, Britain and the US.

The phone consists of over 100 new features like video conferencing between the iPhones,  a great camera, high resolution screen, improved battery life and front facing video camera to name a few. The enhanced battery life of the iPhone 4 enables the users to talk about 40% more. The new iPhone model is slimmer as compared to the 3GS one and measures 0.37 inch deep with 3GS’s 0.48 inch thickness. Also, the iPhone 4 is narrower at 2.31 to 2.44 inches. Though the weight remains still at 4.8 ounces however the new dimensions make this new model a must have gadget.

The latest retina display of the Apple iPhone 4 surpasses the pixel amount that the human retina can actually process. This added feature in turn helps in improving the clarity, sharpness and details of the images taken. The 3.5 inches screen of the phone is just the same as the previous phones but the iPhone 4 has 326 pixels every square inch and about 4 times more number of pixels than the other iPhones. Users can also avail the option of using Microsoft Bing as a search engine along with the very popular Google and Yahoo.

The Apple iPhone 4 makes use of the Apple A4 CPU that is same in the Apple iPad. What is more interesting about the iPhone 4 is that the main camera on back bumps from 3 MP to about 5 MP along with retaining the similar pixel size to improve the quality of the images to further extent. The camera is also featured with LED flash facility, an integrated 5 X zooming facility and backlit sensor. The camera lets the users shoot in 30 fps, 720p at a high definition and videos gain the great tap-to-focus characteristic that is available on its camera.