Apple Launched Slimmest PC Tablet – Details, Preview and Price

Apple has always been one of my favorite companies because it has got the capability to revolutionize technology. May it be the Ipod or a MacBook or an Iphone, the technology simply rocks. Others just take the lead and follow them.

It’s been nearly 3 years since Apple launched its last product, the Iphone. Everyone was wondering what would come next, so in order to cheer up the people Apple hosted a special event on January 27, 2010 and it was widely believed that it would launch its upcoming technology, the Apple Tablet Computer.

Though released, due to absence of detailed information the details and specifications of the Apple Tablet are yet unknown. But the design is simply unbelievable. The look is damn sexy too.  But then people have been wondering what this Apple Tablet will be like. So we are here disclosing a few secrets of the tablet.

Features of Apple Tablet

Some of the specifications of the apple tablet are that it will be capable of solar powering. A certain pad on its back helps it to attain this feature. Further there will be thumb pads on both sides for the purpose of mouse gestures and fingerprint recognition technology. A maximum of 5 profiles can be stored on it. The tablet has got a camera which when held parallel to the face recognizes it and accordingly starts the corresponding profile. An example:” if you and your dad have 2 profiles on the same tablet, every time when your dad’s face, his profile will start. Further it has got another camera too, so it has in total two cameras.

Some other features of the Apple tablet are that it has a WiFi and a HD TV tuner card with PVR capabilities. It is also believed that the Facebook famous game Farmville is somehow preloaded too. Its expected price will be around 600-800$. In Indian currency the price of the Apple Tablet will be in the range of Rs 27000-38000. The Price will depend on the screen size of the Tablet and the inbuilt memory too.

For such a sexy device the price is not that high. I would certainly go for one. Hope this article helped you.