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Its 1st April Today and this day is know as April Fool day, I got a call last night around 3AM from friends and they told me that they Need my car and we are going to Masoori. I was not fully conscious at that moment and I thought they must be planning something. I woke up and went down and then I realized oh! Its First April and they must be making me fook 😡

But I Decided to make them fool now and I called them and said, I am on the way and will reach at your place with in 30 Mins, I again called after 20 Mins and told Shit man!! My tire got puncher and there in Jo Jack to in my car so that I can change it..they have to come now at almost 15 Km away from their Place, and guess what..all of my friends came to that place.. 😀

I was not there and when They called me I said..Fools Its first April, Happy April Fool Guys.. 😀

I went to meet my friends and we had good Night out. over all my 1st April Started well.

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This is my own 1st April 2010 Prank with my friends.