Babri Masjid Ayodya Issue verdict delayed as of now

The Babri Masjid verdict, at the last instant, has been pushed into long grass by Supreme Court, helping India from an explosion after the big crises like Commonwealth Games and Kashmir. Supreme Court decided today in the afternoon that the verdict by Allahabad High Court that was slated for tomorrow need to be deferred as the Court hears from parties.

This decision will push the verdict by a few day’s time. Maybe India will need to brace for the verdict once again a few days later. There are even some reports that say that one of the Allahabad high court’s judges is to retire on 1st October. This will further delay the issue of the verdict some more.

Even the Indian government has sent a large number of troops to the Babri Masjid in advance and has also blocked the bulk messages in order to lower down the chances of any impromptu crowds collecting in protest.