Best DSLR Cameras under 50000 in India from Canon, Sony & Nikon

DSLR cameras have been considered for those who love to shoot professionally and also for the photography enthusiasts. However, in the past few years it has been observed that even the amateurs are choosing the DSLR cameras for learning photography and shooting better pictures. Another reason why DSLR cameras have become popular among the amateurs is because of the dropping trend of the price of these cameras. We have provided you a choice of five best DSLR cameras under Rs. 50,000.

Canon EOS 1000DCanon EOS 1000D

This is offered by the Canon family; it contains 10 MP and has Digic III processor as well as CMOS sensor. The camera has 7-point wide area AF system. It is capable of shooting 3 FPS. It also contains 2.5” viewfinder with the availability of live view mode. It comes with EOS cleaning system which is integrated. It is available with 18-55 lens. However the lens is non image stabilization. The camera has a 100-1600 ISO range and weighs 450 g.

Canon EOS 1000D Price: Rs. 22,500

Canon EOS 550DCanon EOS 550D

Canon EOS 550D is the budget-level DSLR from Canon and we would definitely like to mention that it performs amazingly. It looks great appearance-wise too. Canon EOS 550D comes equipped with the rubberized grip which means that holding it is simpler while clicking the pictures. The camera is 18.7 MP and has integrated EOS cleaning system. It allows you for the HG video recording as well. Video recording allows for manual control of the scene too.

Canon EOS 550D Price: Rs. 33,945

Sony Alfa A230Y DSLR

Sony ALFA A230Y

This is a really light weight camera which can be carried everywhere and anywhere. It is equipped with the 10.2 MP optical sensor and 2.7” clear photo display of LCD. It comes with anti-dust integration system. It also contains 9 point autofocus mechanism. Even if the ISO settings are high, you will still get amazing pictures with you Sony A230Y.

Sony Alfa A230Y Price: Rs. 35,990

Nikon D5100Nikon D5100

This camera is from the Nikon family and will definitely keep you mesmerized for a longer time period. It offers 16.3 MP optical sensor as well as pictures with an immaculate clarity. It also offers 3 inch LCD display. The best part about this camera is that it performs brilliantly in the high power of the optical sensor. It has commendable video mode where the users can take full HD videos through their cameras.

Nikon D5100 Price: Rs. 38,752

Sony Alfa A330L DSLRSony Alfa A330L 

This is one of the best and our last pick in the range that you are searching for. It comes with 10.2 MP APS size CCD image sensor that calls for amazing picture clarity. It includes standard zooming lens of 18-55mm. a special feature called Eye Start focus is also available in this camera. The 2.7” LCD display is tiltable downward by 55 degrees and upward by 135 degrees. The camera is perfectly compatible with Memory Stick Pro Duo, SD/SDHC Media, Memory Stick Pro HG Duo.

Sony Alfa A330L Price: Rs. 39,990

All these cameras are well within the range of Rs. 50,000. These are some of the best options that you can buy under Rs. 50,000.