Best Mobile Browsers for Surfing on Mobile


With the increasing trend of Mobile Surfing, Mobile browsers become very essential part for mobile surfing. Hence we must know which browser is best for Mobile Browsing. Here we are reviewing few most important mobile browsers. I hope this will make your mobile surfing more interesting.

Opera Mini – A Java Based BrowserAlthough mobile surfing is possible with many browsers, there are some features that work well in some browsers and don’t in others. One of the most popular mobile browsers is the Java based Opera Mini which can be downloaded free of cost. This browser has some intuitive features like reformatting of text on websites dynamically to avoid constant scrolling to the right for the full information in case of mobiles with smaller screens. This browser also shows good website download speeds along with landscape browsing. The most notable disadvantage though is its inability to stream flash videos.

Safari with Some Exciting Features

Safari browser is another popular browser which was specially customized for the iPhone. This browser has some cool features like zooming in and zooming out by just a touch. Kinetic scrolling and virtual keyboard make this browser very efficient on high end phones. The browser lacks support for flash videos though and one cannot cut and copy on this browser.

Android from Google

Google’s Android is usually preinstalled on some of the mobiles and is highly advantageous because of various mobile apps being specially built keeping Android in mind. This browser has some innovative features like app downloads being pushed to the background to not interrupt surfing. The browser also ensures every new web page and new links are opened in a separate window for ease of use. Although the browser has kinetic scrolling and landscape browsing, it doesn’t have a virtual keyboard or support of streaming videos.

Other Browsers for Mobile Surfing

Skyfire and Mozilla Fennec are two other popular browsers that have inbuilt Ajax, Javascript and Flash support unlike the previously described browsers.