Best mobile phone deals for this Diwali

A lot of us have been looking forward to buying some of the best mobiles phones around in the market but are most of us sure which one to buy according to our budget and expectations?

Some of the basic problems faced while choosing a mobile phone are brand loyalty, price, etc. I know a majority of us being Nokia fanatics are prejudiced over the other brands available at better price.

I will not be going too deep into expensive phones such as the iPhone or Nokia N97but for those who can afford a Nokie 5800 Express Music here are a couple of alternatives:

Best Mobile Phone Deals at Budget of 9000  to 12000 Rs

1) Review of LG Cookie (KP 500)


One of the best releases of LG as yet this phone satisfies all those who’re rational in choosing brands. It comes with a large screen, 3 megapixel camera and touch screen facility. Additionally it has a “shake” feature which lets you play cool games, rearrange desktop icons and such. Price of LG Cookie KP 500 is around 8000 – 9000.  it’s one of the best value for money sets of India in my opinion. However I must point out one of its drawback which is the quality of music while listening through earphones. Also all 3 important adapters such as the charger, earphone and USB cable all have just one common port which makes it inconvenient to listen to much while putting the phone to charge. But all in all, this phone is worth a buy as it has most of the features of the Nokia 5800 and is 1/4th times cheaper as well.

2) Review of Samsung Star Mobile Phone


This phone was released rivaling the LG Cookie and has almost exactly the same features as the latter. I must point out that it has a better camera which is 3.2 Megapixel and the sound quality is pretty good. However when it comes to sleekness the Cookie beats it. This phone has an additional shake feature with which you can easily view your pics while just moving the phone upside down. It has a stylish silver edge but overall both phones are once again more or less the same. One drawback of this phone, however is that your stylus does not have a place in the phone unlike in the Cookie where it can be attached underneath. Which means this stylus is actually an external thing which you must carry around in your pocket or somewhere else without losing. It is currently priced at just above Rs. 9000 which is a bit more expensive than the Cookie. Note that it comes in 3G also now which costs you about Rs. 10,000 to 11,000.

Both phones are a worth buy and much better than the Nokia 5800 when it comes to features and pricing.

So if you’re looking to celebrate the festival of lights I tell you there won’t be a better opportunity. Dump your old cellphone and get one of these if your budget allows you. It can be a great gift to a friend, relative or family member.