Best places to visit in Mussoorie

Popularly called as the Queen of Hills, Mussoorie serves to be a great hill station in India that is located a few kilometers from Dehradun and is there at the altitude of around 2003 meters in Garhwal hills. The hill station is a great place to be and is widely visited by the travelers from all across. The hill station further provides amazing respite to the people who wish to get relief and relaxation from the daily hectic schedules in the plains. As it is close to the capital of India, Delhi, people generally visit Mussoorie for weekend trips and tours.

There are various best places to visit in Mussoorie. Some of them are listed below:

Jwalaji Temple

It is a very popular Hindu temple that is situated around 9 kilometers from the hill station. The Durga temple is located atop Benog hill and is beautifully enveloped by forests from every side. Also, one can take breathtaking view of Himalayan peaks, Yamuna valley as well as the Doon Valley from the temple.

Kempty Fall

Just 15 kilometers from the hill station is Kempty Fall. It serves to be the prettiest and biggest waterfall that is located in amazing and picturesque valley. The waterfall is beautifully surrounded by mountains. You can enjoy a bath at foot of the waterfall. The overall experience is enjoyable and refreshing.

Jharipani Falls & Bhatta Falls

These falls serve to be the main waterfalls in Mussoorie. The Jharipani FFall is situated just 8.5kms from the hill station and so can be easily accessed by vehicle to cover the distance of around 7 kilometers. The remaining distance needs to be covered by foot.

Similarly, the Bhatta Falls is ideally located on Mussoorie-Dehradun road serving to be a perfect destination for picnicking and bathing.

Lal Tibba

Being the highest possible point in the hill station, the Lal Tibba offers amazing views of landscape and surroundings around. Situated in Landour, it serves to be the oldest area in Mussoorie. The British architectures all adorn this spot and offer it a great, unique and antique charm. From the Lal Tibba, you can have brilliant sights of snow capped peaks and spots like Kedarnath and Badrinath.

Mussoorie Lake

This is indeed a newly developed or found picnic spot that is just 6 kilometers from the main hill station. It serves to be a great spot where you can enjoy the pedal boat rides. The lake commands gorgeous views of the Doon valley as well as other surrounding villages.

Camel’s Back Road

This spot provides stunning view of the sunset and resembles just like the sitting camel. You can stop here to enjoy long strolls and even horseback riding.

Gun Hill

Located at the altitude of 2122 meters, this serves to be the second highest Mussoorie peak. In colonial times, a gun was set on top of the hill and so fired at mid day in order to declare the time. So, the place got the name “gun hill”. You can enjoy spectacular views of surroundings and Himalayan Ranges from the hill.

So, as there are various places to see and visit in Mussoorie, just make the trip and visit the Queen of Hills now/