Best Postpaid 4G Plans Below 500 With Unlimited Calling & Data

Jio has created the stir in the once benevolent and calm Indian telecom sector. The fare war is cut-throat and rate of survival is very low. Since, its inception Reliance’s Jio has forced the market dominators Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone to let go of their luxury pricing and come up with the economic pricing to retain their customers.

We are sure you must be tempted to make a choice to most valuable and easy-on-pocket postpaid plans. It is a lot of effort to put into scout through all the plans to decide, whether to switch to other network or simply choose the better plan. Don’t worry we have got you covered, here is a detailed comparison of the best postpaid plans from Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and Jio that give you unlimited calling and data.

Airtel Rs 399 and Rs 499 Plans

Airtel Logo

Airtel Logo

Airtel has always enjoyed the luxury of being the market leader with the largest customer base. However, Jio has led the telecom giant to end up with losses in the last two quarters of 2017, which forced it to review its plan.

  • The Rs 399 Plan

In Airtel’s Rs 399 postpaid plan you get unlimited local and STD calls plus 10 GB of 3G/4G data with rollover, every month. The outgoing remaining calls in this plan are however charged at 80p/min for local roaming and Rs 1.15/min for STD.

  • The Rs 499 Plan

Now if you travel a lot, or want more data with the unlimited calling option, then the Airtel’s Rs 499 postpaid plan is for you. With unlimited calling, in this plan, you also get unlimited outgoing roaming calls. Also data limit is 30GB 3G/4G.

In both the plans, the data is a rollover, which simply means the unused data will be forwarded to next billing cycle.

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Vodafone Rs 399 and Rs 499 Plans

Vodafone Logo

  • The Rs 399 Red Basic Plan

Vodafone’s Red Basic Postpaid plan as it is called is available for Rs 399 offers you unlimited local and national calling with free incoming on national roaming. You will be charged for outgoing roaming calls. For data, you get 20GB which is roll over.

  • The Rs 499 Red Traveler R Plan

Vodafone’s Red Traveler R postpaid plan is available for Rs 499. Just like the Red Basic plan, you get the unlimited local and national calling with free incoming on national roaming as well as free outgoing roaming calls. Plus you get 30GB of roll over data service along with 100 free local and national SMSes.

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Idea Rs 389 and Rs 499 Plans

Idea 4G

Idea has revamped its cellular services in view of the stiff competition and came up with Nirvana Postpaid Plans for its customers.

  • The Rs 389 Nirvana Postpaid Plan

Idea’s entry-level postpaid plan is offered at Rs 389 that offers you unlimited local and STD calls with free incoming calls on roaming networks. You will be charged for outgoing calls when in roaming in this plan. Compared to its competitors, Idea Cellular is offering only 10GB monthly high speed data in this postpaid plan, however the roll over data facility is available. You also get 100 SMS/Day.

  • The Rs 499 Nirvana Postpaid Plan

The Rs 499 is an improvement over the Rs 389 plan in that if offers free outgoing calls on roaming networks along with free incoming calls in roaming and free unlimited local and STD calls. You are offered 30GB high speed data with carry forward. Also, 100 SMS/Day are also included in this plan.

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Jio Rs 309 and Rs 409 Plans

reliance jio

We saved the best for the last, the new entrant in the Indian telecom sector, Reliance Jio is offering more economical competitive unlimited calling and data postpaid plans.

  • The Rs 309 Plan

Jio’s starter postpaid plan of Rs 309 offers unlimited local, national and roaming calling. Incoming and outgoing is free in roaming networks plus you get 30 GB 4G data in the plan with the restriction of 1GB per day usage. Also, you avail 100 SMS/Day both local and STD. As compared to other networks Jio offers the best calling data service for price. However, post 1GB per day limit the data speed is reduced to 64Kbps.

Note that you have to give a security deposit of Rs 400 for this plan.

  • The Rs 409 Plan

Jio Rs 409 postpaid plan also offers unlimited local, STD and roaming calls. Interestingly, you get 20GB of 4G data in this plan with no per day usage restriction. You also get 100 free local and STD SMSes. For this plan you will have to pay a security deposit of Rs 500.

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