Bharat Bandh Today Stopped Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & More Cities of India

Today i.e. on 5th July 2010, most of the Indian states will face the Bharat Bandh as BJP, Left and other opposition have called in for the national strike. But it is observed that BJP takes the lead role in carrying out this bandh.

The Bharat bandh is going on in different states and cities all over the nation. The schools, corporate offices, colleges and public transport are given an off with few exceptions in some cities. Situations may come to normalcy in the afternoon or evening in the leading cities. This bandh might show some impact on the ruling party on the issue of price hike. But it is seen that the students and many employees are happy to have a holiday.

Overall Bharat Bandh Today Stopped Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Patna, Ranchi & More Cities of India. Hope this bandh will not remaing just a political drama and it will help India to control over inflation.