Blackberry 8800 Review :RIM 8800, Software Price & Features

The stylish and sleek Blackberry 8800 phone is surely the most specified and powerful Blackberry till date. By having this Smartphone in your pocket, you will actually become addicted of its features, qualities and look. Even though the Blackberry devices originally lacked the option of a camera, this phone is not any exception as well. But the GPS added in this Blackberry 8800 is truly a great option. You can easily mount your cell phone on the dashboard and easily get driving directions using the Blackberry’s Maps application.

The screen of the phone is featured with 320 x 240 resolution. The small screen of the phone makes blackberry 8800 exceptionally thinner than the other blackberry phones. The thickness is just 14mm as compared to the Blackberry 9700’s 19.5mm. However, to ensure that all the items are properly squeezed into the phone, the blackberry 8800 is a bit longer than 8700.

Like all Blackberry cell phones, the new 8800 model can easily handle email facility with aplomb. Also, it can tackle ten personal and professional accounts for your mailing facility. Although the phone is not equipped with instant messaging clients, it has the great Blackberry Messenger application for sure.

The phone even includes the microSD memory card slot for extra storage. While the MP3 player cannot be compared to the Nokia 5300 Xpress Music, it is still good to hear your favorite songs. It helps you to play, stop, pause, rewind and create the basic play lists of your choice. Even the audio quality of Blackberry 8800 is reasonable enough to soothe your senses.

Blackberry 8800 is available in RIM ( Reliance ) mobiles as well as CDMA phone, price of 8800 is around 9000 Rs in India

So what are you waiting for? If you wish to buy a new Smartphone for yourself or your loved ones, better go with Blackberry 8800.