BlackBerry Playbook Review : Features & Price in India

BlackBerry has come up with their new gadget BlackBerry Playbook, in stiff competition with Apple’s iPad 2, Motorola Zoom, HP Touchpad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Though Apple products have a brand value of their own, but people using the Samsung Tablet might take a look at the new baby from BlackBerry.

Technical Specifications of BlackBerry Playbook

As is very evident Tablets come with innumerable attractive and utility features, and this BlackBerry Tablet is no different. The operating system installed in the Playbook is called QNX – the OS for the tablet allows symmetric multiprocessing. With1GB RAM, the Playbook has an extendable storage of 16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB. With an excellent 7 inches screen display with a fine resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, the BlackBerry Playbook is an enviable possession. A qwerty keyboard, excellent connectivity, strong sensors, 3 MP camera on the front and 5 MP camera at the back, light weight of 425 grams and a sleek dimension makes the BlackBerry Playbook favorite with Tablet fanatics.

BlackBerry Playbook

Features of BlackBerry Playbook that stand out

Web browsing has a whole new dimension with BlackBerry Playbook. Flash implementation is excellent and thus web browsing becomes a very pleasing experience. The multimedia features enable you to hear high quality music and see excellent videos on the Tablet. The multimedia performance is just beyond words. With a smart and simple UI of BlackBerry Playbook, it is very easy to navigate through the gadget easily. There are very few tablets that come with such surprising features.

Price of BlackBerry Playbook in India

BlackBerry Playbook is available in India and comes at a price of INR 27990 for 16GB, INR 32990 for 32 GB and INR 37990 for 64 GB.