Break ke Baad Movie Review

Starring Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone as the lead stars, Break ke Baad, the much awaited flick came out with the old story with a few swirls. The promising story meant to entertain the audience has a few twists and turns in it that would give you a little shock during the flick.

The chemistry between the two stars is however, commendable, thanks to an all new debutant director Danish Aslam. Imran Khan (Abhay) has Deepika Padukone (Aaliya) as his childhood friend and amusingly share their first kiss when they go out to see the King Khan’s Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai, for the 3rd time! So you can quite apparently make out that it is a romantic flick with a few fun elements.

While Abhay is utterly aimless in life, Aaliya, on contrary is a gorgeous, stubborn yet ambitious girl who strives to be a celebratedsuperstar. Though Aaliya is ambitious, but at the same time knows that Abhay is one strong part of her life. The duo, though keeps fighting with each other every now and then, but cannot live without each other even once. You would see Aaliya insensitive and unfeeling many a times during the movie.

Aaliya leaves to accomplish her aspiration and goes to Australia where she is followed by Abhay. Thereafter, you would see a few comedy and confusing scenes and Lillette Dubey enters the screen at this juncture. Having divorced thrice in her life, Lillete Dubey calls Deepika Pdukone with funny names like ‘chudail’.

Overall, the movie has a youthful soul with a few peppy and soulful numbers. You can, however watch the movie with your friends and enjoy the flick! The romantic comedy, anticipated to be much like ‘love aaj kal’, is rated with 2.5 stars out of 5.