Bumm Bumm Bole Review – Darsheel Safary Movie Rating & Songs

There doesn’t seem to be many expectations from the films music. Because it’s a children’s film and children’s film comes with little scope for songs that can actually give a boast to the film. And secondly the composers (azaan sami, tapas relia and m.g Srekumar) aren’t familiar to the audience so, they couldn’t make them jump to their tunes.

The story depicts a strong and unique brother sister relationship. It is an emotional and a very innocent story revolving around two main characters Pinu and Rimzim they both are siblings. It shows a dilemma that they both face in their life and how the two children try to overcome with it.

Rimzim (Zia) and Pinu (Darsheel Safari) belong to an unwelthy family. Their parents   Rituparna Ghosh, AtulKulkarni both work in a tea plantation and though they are going through financial crisis they send their children to school. Gradually it becomes really difficult for their parents to send them to school.

They find it difficult to buy them uniform and books.

And above all Pinu misplaces Rimzim’s pair of shoes, and they both get afraid of what their father would do if he gets to know. So, they both decide to share their shoes.

The initial half of the movie is interesting but the latter half of the film appears to be little boring and the climax is too stretched and it seems endless.  In the climax, the shoes are the focus and not Darsheel Safari.

Bumm Bumm Bole seems to be an Indian version of Oscar nominated movie Children of Heaven. The dialogues are a little old fashioned but seem to be appealing and simple.

Overall the acting of all the characters is good, music is sweet and pleasant, and the direction by Priyadarshan makes it a sweet watchable movie.

Movie Rating: 2/5