Canon 500D Review : Great features in reasonable price in India

Canon Rebel T1i (500D) is the fifth generation of the rebel series and was launched 14th month after the unveiling of EOS Rebel XSi (450D)

It was bad timing for Canon to launch the 500D amidst economic meltdown and tough competition in the DSLR segment. But still Canon has made sure that the 500D stands out and creates a niche of its own in the entry-level DSLR sector.

The 500D is not made for everyone as its previous models were. With its introduction in June 2009, Canon made it clear that this camera is not for everyone who is not willing to make a foray into the 50D class.

This 15.1 mega pixel camera offers photographers a new set of features hardly seen in any Canon model before this. Features like the 15.1 MP along with APS-C CMOS sensor is ideal for a photographer to take large detailed print and also allows him to crop it to minute details.

The CMOS technology has been one of the unique selling features of Canon. The technology helps in noise reduction and gives noise free pictures in comparison to other CCD technology, used by other manufacturers. CMOS also consumes less power and that is an important reason behind the longevity of the battery.

Individual amplifiers at each site of pixels in CMOS sensors help in single conversions. It avoids transfer of unnecessary charge and also works as a catalyst to speed up the image processor to get signals at a rapid pace. Power consumption is also reduced, noise generation level is also lowered and the rate of frame transfer is also hiked.

The camera is a superb machine even if you want to shoot in near dark situations. The 500D offers an in incredible ISO sensitivity of 3200 that can also be expanded four times to 12800. This facility gives photographers, especially wildlife photographers to take a perfect shot in the night. The DIGIC 4 processor reduces the outside noise.

The DIGIC 4 processor is a piece of art in itself. The CMOS sensor captures the images and they are processed by the DIGIC image processors and are written on the camera’s memory card. DIGIC ensures that natural colors are perfect and white balance and advanced noise reductions are also fine. The processor also helps in starting up the camera quickly in times of emergency.

DIGIC chips work with a high speed image buffer – reading, processing, compressing and writing image data fast enough to keep the buffer clear during long continuous shooting bursts. And because DIGIC integrates all key processing functions, power consumption is kept to a minimum.

The 500D is not just a camera it is a miracle that has heralded a new chapter in photography.  The 3.0’’ LCD screen helps you to get the perfect preview of the image on the viewfinder.

The 500D is light and compact in size but still offers all features that make you addictive to it. From a super big viewfinder to a fast processor, the 500D will define the art of shooting.

Canon D500 available in price range of 38000 INR in India. I would definitely recommend this camera.