Celebrate Teacher’s Day with Teacher’s Day SMS and Greetings

In India, teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September every year. It is celebrated as tribute to the teachers in India for their contribution towards the Indian education. 5th September is actually Dr. S. Radhakrishnan’s birthday who was a true believer of educating one and all in the Indian society for development and progress of the country. She was also the diplomat, a scholar, President of our country and most of all, a teacher.

Why is Teacher’s Day celebrated?

When Dr. S. Radhakrishnan became President of the country in the year 1962, some students approached him and asked whether they could celebrate his birthday. Instead, he demanded that his birthday be celebrated as the teacher’s day in India. The request of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan showed how much he valued his profession as a teacher and also respected education in a country like India. Since then, Dr. Radhakrishnan’s birthday is observed as the teacher’s day in India.

Celebration of Teacher’s Day in India

Today, teacher’s day is looked forward in India by a lot of teachers as well as students. On this occasion, at schools, students dress up like their teachers and act like them. Teachers are praised and all the activities performed by teachers are infact performed by the students on this day.  While the students on this day realize how becoming a teacher can be the most difficult task, teachers on the other hand, enjoy being the students once again. This is the most fun part of the teacher’s day. Apart from this, students at the college also celebrate teacher’s day by sending teacher’s day SMS and greetings to their professors.

Teacher’s Day SMS and greetings

Various teacher’s day SMS and greetings are exchanged between the teachers and their students on this special day. A range of the teacher’s day SMS and greetings can be found n the Internet. It is good to send these SMS’s as well as greetings to your teachers because it reminds them how special they are for you as well as for the society.

Role of teachers in society

The role of teachers in shaping the Indian society cannot be denied. There is always a need of the teacher in each and every society because education forms the most crucial aspect of each society. Due to these reasons, teacher’s day holds a lot of importance in the Indian society. Students can exchange the teacher’s day SMS and greetings on this day. Special SMSs as well as greetings scan be shared with the teachers that also impart a special message.

Some Teacher’s Day SMS and Greetings

These special messages and greetings make the teachers feel special on this day. They also realize how they are very important for the betterment of the society. Some of the teacher’s day SMS and greetings are given here which can be used for sending to your teachers:


Teacher is a person
who always helps everybody
to get the knowledge
always stands beside the students
when they have problems.
Thanks for being my teacher.
Happy Teachers Day



Teaching is leaving a vestige of oneself
in the development of another.
And surely the student is a bank where
you can deposit your most
precious treasures.



When everyone lost belief in me,
you believed in me.
When everyone thought
I am a gone case
you trusted me.
You risked your career to keep me on
You guided me for path on and on
Thanks for being there oh Teacher
Thanks for being my Teacher



Teacher is someone patiently who stands by us
who instills the essence of life.
You are wonderful teachers
who proved that learning can be joyous
and pleasant experience
wishing you a