Chennai -Famous Tourist Places to Visit & Places Around Chennai

Chennai is a wonderful place, a busy city, a place for tourists to visit. Amazing wonder about Chennai is that there are a wide variety of places to visit.

First and most beautiful place you need to visit is the Marina beach. The world’s longest beach with almost 2 kms of sand stretching endlessly before you. You can simply watch the beach from the road which runs parallel to the beach. The government has made the place a pleasing visual with statues and parks all around. Many vendors welcome you with their smile and brisk business. Next to the beach is the lighthouse of Chennai which helps the ships coming to the Chennai harbor.

A city of temples you can visit the many ancient temples in the city. Some famous among them are the Kapaleswarar Temple in Mylapore, Ashtalakshmi Temple in Adyar, Anjaneya and Raja Rajeswari temple in Nanganallur, Kalikamba temple in Parrys.

Like Singapore Chennai has its own shopping paradise in Thyagaraja Nagar. The wide array of jewellery and cloth shops are a visual splendor for your eyes and the purse. You can find bangle sellers and those who sell the little fancy things that women like.

Tourists who come the city to understand Chennai’s history should visit Mammallapuram located very close to Chennai. The Pallava kings had built many beautiful sculptures and temples in the small town. Located near the sea, this small town provides the tourist some good sight seeing experience.

Only a few places of importance have been described. You need to understand that Chennai has a lot to offer to its many tourists.