Chery QQ Price & Review : First Chines Car in India

Chery QQ is a budget car and hence doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket if you buy it. Although, some people have negative notion for Chinese cars, with Chery QQ, you will experience something better in this regard. The car features speed of 80-90km/hr if you drive it on the highway using the AMT function. The car is affordable to your budget and requires minimal maintenance and low fuel management. As per the fuel consumption, the car consumes petrol cost less than $50.00 followed by 3-4 times driving per week.Chery QQ

The car features 60/40 Split folding rear seat that enables fully compatible wheelchair and can accommodate 1-2 adults on the back seat. It is dimensionally less wider than other cars and hence you can park it very easily. The interior design of the car is eye-pleasing and equips leather seat covers. Most of the beam light switches are fixed within the reach and function well. As per the wiper, it doesn’t function well and can’t clean the windshield properly. You have to clean windshield yourself. But the rear wiper functions well.

The interior space is fine. Don’t impress yourself with external dimension for the interior space. It is quite larger from inside than you presume from outside design. Front leg and rear leg space are good enough for comfy seating. The car features 3 cylinder 52 hp engines. Not so good, but start stop traffic acceleration is workable. Since, the car doesn’t cost much petrol; it is economically good for your budget considering the rising price of petrol.

Chery QQ Price in India is about 2 Lakh INR.