Chery A1 Car Review and Price in India : Chines Car

As per the dimensional feature, Chery A1 is bigger than the Chery QQ. A website by the name of China Car Times says that Chery A1 Car is the renamed version of QQ3 just because of avoiding legal confrontation with General Motors’ lawyers claiming that the car is replica of General Motors’ car. However, there is no specific information that could support the claim and it is assumed as rumors so far.

Chery A1 Car is designed and styled to put a challenging pose in front of other B-cars such as the Fit/Jazz, Versa, Matrix, Vibe, and Soul. Chery A1 features hand brake that ensures avant-garde style and with the flat design it gives you a fresh visual appealing. The car also features DVD display screen providing you a chance to watch movies (it doesn’t support rear view navigation). You are advised not to watch movies on DVD while driving. Because, it doesn’t feature turn-off facility and while driving it won’t shut down automatically.

You will find glass rack between cigar lighter and air-co which is beautifully designed. Design for cigar and ashtray is also beautiful in the car. On top of center console, there is a storage box which you can use to put small things easily. One of the most striking features of the car is its three cylinder-style dashboard. Further, features like the central LCD display, fuel and mp meter and speed meter provide driver clear situational condition of the vehicle.

Price of Chery A1 is not yet set in India, we will update the price once we get some confirm news on price of this car.

At last, you will experience the best with the car as you will avail a quality car under budget.