India gears up for Chhath Puja Festival 2010

India gears up for Chhath Puja festival amidst great religious fervor. The four days festival of the Lord Sun, Chhath Puja is celebrated under utmost religious sanctity by the devotees.

Chhath Puja also called Chhathi, Dala Chhath and Surya Shashti, is one of the ancient most Hindi festivals in India. The festival is chiefly dedicated to Lord Sun to whom the devotees give thanksgiving for sustaining life on the earth and beseech Him to grant their wishes.

Chhath festival is celebrated with utmost reverence by the devotees while following strict guidelines involved into observing fasts and offering obligation to the lord Sun. It is believed that the rituals of Chhath Puja should be performed under rigorous guidelines to please the Sun, failure to which grounds earning his wrath.

The devotees take a holy bath in the Ganga or other rivers where Chhath is celebrated. The first day of Chhath is performed in the evening at the bank of rivers where endless devotees with their obligations for lord Sun, worship the almighty for peace and prosperity. Devotees who observe fast during the festival stand in the water for offering prayer to the sun.

The second and last Puja of Chhath is performed in the morning amidst chants of mantras and devotional songs of lord Sun. The entire landscape of the site where Chhath Puja is celebrated appears smeared with religious sanctity and pristine glory of surrounding ambiance.