Commonwealth Games 2010 : How & Where to Buy Tickets

As the much-awaited 2010 Common Wealth Games is to start very soon, its tickets have already been on sale since June 4, 2010. The sale of the tickets will likely to remain on till the inception of each sport event. Almost a number of 1.7 million tickets are available for the general public to watch this gigantic game.

The cost of tickets is subject to the popularity of the sports and seating location. Sports with mass fame cost more pennies. The cost of opening ceremony ticket is set from Rs 1,000 to Rs 50,000 for the best seat. But, the cost of closing ceremony is cheaper.

Where to buy CWG 2010 Tickets

The easiest way to avail the 2010 Common Wealth Games tickets is to visit the official website called Commonwealth Games Ticketing Website. There are 30 retail outlets in Delhi that are accredited to sell tickets. If you have purchased ticket from online, you need to cash in it against a real physical ticket from any one of the authenticated retail outlets.

Call assistance to buy the ticket is 1800-200-1294.

Be alert not to be swindled by any fake website or agents claiming to provide tickets through illegal means. Only trusted site and retail outlets are accredited to sell tickets for Common Wealth Games.