Crook Movie Review :- It’s Good to Go Into Flash Back

Based on the controversial issue related to racial attacks on Indians in Australia, Mukesh Bhatt directed film Crook is the reminiscent of the past on silver screen. The film has been certificated with “A” because of its having many hot lip-lock kissing scenes.

The story begins like that, Jai ((Emraan Hashmi) is a crook whom his father, a police officer (Gulshan Grover) wants to change. Jai is sent to Australia with new identification, Suraj. Here, he witnesses many racial attacks on Indians from Australians who leave Indians slain and at pitiful conditions after assault. With this chronological incident, the hero ultimately psyches himself as better be bad than good as sometimes being bad is good.

Emraan Hasami justifies his role. As per the music of the film, it is typically good like in all Mahash Bhatt directed movies.

South Indian actress Neha Sharma with this Hollywood film has made her first appearance on silver screen. She plays an Indian student in the movie that fights against racial attacks in down under. She falls in love with Emraan who takes a plunge in fighting against the racial was between India and Australia.

Reason for you to watch this movie is – if you want to go flash back of the past racial attacks on Indians in Melbourne city, Australia. Some hot scenes and audio tracks have also made this movie a worth watch for audience.