CWG preparations getting murkier : PM furious

Agitated by the messy Commonwealth Games’ preparations, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has refused to listen to any excuses given by sports minister M.S. Gill, a report said on Friday.  As there are only 8 days left for the mega sports event, the Prime Minister has asked the Sports Minister to pull p his socks.

However, M.S. Gill tried to brief how the problems had arisen during preparations, but as it’s a matter of national prestige, the Prime Minister seemed unperturbed by the explanations.

On the other hand the list of the star player’s pilling out of the event doesn’t seem to be ending. Earlier the players’ withdrawal reasons were centered to injuries or the clash of sports events. But as the CWG preparations are getting murkier and the scandalized part of it is being highlighted, scores of players are dubious about giving their nod to it.

Worried about the security and health related issues, several athletes have pulled their hands back from the event.