CWG venues- breeding grounds for dengue mosquitoes

Dengue serves to be one of the largest issues for the CWG. With Met department highlighting more rains in Delhi, the waters deposited outside the Games Village remains to be the breeding area for mosquitoes.

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the one that is decided for the opening and closing ceremony, is yet another breeding place for the mosquitoes. Even though the stadium has been personally inspected by the Prime Minster himself, no work is done to remove the stagnant water.

Health Officer with MCD, VK Monga reported that the three sides of Games Village are encircled by water that comes from flood. After the flood recedes, he is certain that there will be some depressed regions where all the water will get collected. In these circumstances, they need to tie up with agencies in order to help cleaning such areas as the MCD does not have much expertise in this field.

Experts are of the opinion that the Government should have taken opinions and consultation from the doctors before actually finalizing the venues and time for the Common Wealth Games. However despite the innumerable cases of dengue recorded so far, the Government is still optimistic that the authorities will be able to clean up all the mess before the games.

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