Dell Streak 7 Price in India & Review

The Dell Streak 7 is an amazing new tablet that has its front dominated by 7 inches screen and that uses the Gorilla Glass to safeguard against scrapes of life. What is so great about this tablet is that it is well built and offers excellent features.

Dell Streak 7 is in fact similar to Streak 5 however the former differs in an important way i.e. it has the dual core version of Nvidia Tegra processor. The Streak 7 also provides most features that we would expect from a top notch tablet. You can enjoy the 5 MP camera on back which can shoot pictures as well as 720p videos. There is another camera that sits on the tablet’s front and offers 1.3 MP quality and which is just fine for video chatting and self portraits.

Dell Streak 7

The Dell Streak 7 is even a 4G tablet and Android 2.1 on the gadget is feature with extra software that is loaded by Dell like widgets of applications including email, social, web, music, gallery and contacts.

The tablet’s back side has removable panel and diamond texture that is similar to Dell’s consumer notebooks. In the top right side of the device, there are back, menu and home buttons. There is no search button in the tablet, possibly pointing towards faster switch than actually expected to the Android 3.0 Honeycomb as there is a slight change in that Android OS version.

Lastly, Streak 7 is also packed with down curving sides on right as well as left that lends to the idea that it is a landscape gadget for sure.