Dhobi Ghat review- movie about four characters in Mumbai

Ratings :- 4 / 5

Dhobi Ghat is the movie with four characters- Arun the lonely painter (Aamir Khan), Shai a banker on sabbatical in India (Monica), Munna the dhobi who wishes to be a superstar ( Prateik Babbar) and lastly, Yasmin who is a married Muslim girl recording her life for her brother (Kriti). It is said that Mumbai serves to be the 5th character in this film and it is indeed a silent character, the immovable witness to turmoil and harmony that leave the characters function at the same time.

Among daily schedule of these characters that is what the actual story of the film is, you can see a love plot that unfolds and it is not the cliché love triangle that you see in Bollywood movies, it is indeed a love square.

Dhobi Ghat Aamir Khan

The movie gets its title from Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai, the busy landmark and laundry district of the city. It is at this place that every day before the sun rises, the regular work of washing, cleaning and drying takes place and is done till setting of the sun.

The score of this movie by Gustavo Santaolalla, a popular musician has soothing as well as enchanting quality to it. Even the camera work is great and one can actually feel the rain from screen to the skin. The Movie, Dhobi Ghat highlights Aamir Khan like never before. He is seen to be in an unfamiliar zone between a zero and a hero with grey shares and grey hair. Prateik Babbar and Monica Dogra are revelations because they put in great performances as well.

A must watch movie. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.