Dhoom 3 Movie Review- Suspense and Thrilling but Losses Sensibility

Review of: Dhoom 3
Ankit Pandey

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On December 20, 2013
Last modified:July 18, 2017


Action sequences carved with perfection and beautiful cinematography is what Dhoom 3 is all about. Just try not to finding sense in story and plot to truly enjoy it.

The most awaited and looked upon movie from one of the best Bollywood production house finally made it to the multiplexes. Yes! This Friday is what commercials and advertisements claiming to be the Dhoom Day. Yash Raj production is out with the third release from their best franchisee, Dhoom 3 this time. You all must have got the glimpse of the up points in the movie in TV promotions and online. This time its double fun as Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is leading the con side. Let’s check out in this review what Dhoom 3 has to offer.

Dhoom 3 – The Storyline

Movie revolves around Saahir khan (Aamir’s character) who is a popular magician in one of the largest circus group named the Great Indian Circus. If you have seen the promos then must be aware that he is on the way to avenge death of his father. Playing role of Saahir’s father is Jackie Shroff who, story behind his death; not able to repay the debt and bank loan he had and after losing it all he kills himself. The trouble creators behind this are the guys running the Western Bank of Chicago. You definitely will find it hard to believe that Saahir Khan and his father have a house size of a palace and all that from running an Indian Circus.dhoom3heroes

The main punch Saahir returns to avenge and his plan, break into vaults of the bank. Not only that, he also carves ‘teri aisi ki taisi’ with a wielding on the locker room. Again a hard thing you will find to believe is the inabilility of US forces to handle the mischievous thief and they contact Mumbai Police for assistance. Guess what making a comeback ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishekh Bachchan) is his jacketed avatar along with Uday Chopra playing same rib tickling Ali. Then begins the cat and mouse chase between Jai and Saahir.

Additional compliment is presence of Katrina Kaif in Dhoom 3. You will definitely find her appearance the flick quite energetic. She runs The Great Indian Circus with Saahir and also pays equal dividend into his robbery. This is what this movie is all about.

The Performances

If we talk about the performances then Aamir has done his part pretty well. However what you will be expecting from a flick like Dhoom 3 is not going to be there. He is seen sharing most of the same expressions at most times. His abs may look stunning to some but I feel there was no need of working out so much.

Coming to Abhishek Bachchan then you will find him with same expressions as in Dhoom first 9 years ago. No even slightest change in his expressions as well as his positions still ACP. Uday Chopra is almost retired from Bollywood but I like his cameos in all parts.

The only surprise factor is the foreign hottie sharing screen with Ali; we keep it a surprise for you.

The Verdict

Dhoom 3 will provide some of the best action sequences till now in bollywood. Additionally songs and cinematography does make it a watch. If you can manage to keep your common sense at bay then this flick does worth your money and time.

Action sequences carved with perfection and beautiful cinematography is what Dhoom 3 is all about. Just try not to finding sense in story and plot to truly enjoy it.