Enjoy the New and Fast Version of Orkut – Get Free Invites

Recently I got an invitation to orkut, the NEW ORKUT to be specific. A friend gave it to me. And curiously I did a lot of exploring only to find that the new orkut was more like face book and it seemed the old orkut was gone. Although many improvements were made in themes and way of working all I could see was a poorer version of the face book. The old one used to rock my world. But hey, the new one isn’t that bad either. At least don’t consider it bad until you feel it yourself .Many also love it.

New orkutFeatures of New Orkut

The new orkut has made certain changes in its looks. The themes are customizable only at a single click, pictures and gifs can be added to the profiles in the about me section and even in testimonials.

The bar which earlier used to say “UPDATE” now says “What are you up to” and is also able to give the last few updates including the present one.

The communities and friends button seem to have gone missing but then the frirndlist is easy to scroll down.. However I did face a lot of difficulty in the absence of the communities tab as in the old orkut, updates in the communities were displayed like which community had the most recent posting but for some reason that feature has been removed. In order to access that page I had to type /communities to the address bar…lollz

Also while uploading your pic to the profile in the old one we used to get an option to use original or to crop it but in the new one it’s mandatory that you crop it.  So in order to change my display pic I had to revert back to the old orkut, upload it and then re-enter the new orkut, don’t you think that it’s messy now?

Further I have been a dedicated user of Gmail since the day Gmail came into existence and still I don’t get an invitation from Google. It seems in order to increase its popularity it is following the old paths again.

If someone asks me what has changed in Orkut I would say not much. Practically it’s the same with a few changes, after all it’s in its beta stage and so we need to encourage it but then orkut should keep in mind its flaws and rectify them soon. Hope you will like the New Orkut.

If you still dont have new orkut. Leave your Orkut Profile Like here. I will send you the Invitation for New Orkut