Epic Browser Download – First Browser with All Indian Languages by Mozila

There are a large number of Internet browsers available like the Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer to name a few. But now, the Epic browser has been launched which is a bit distinct in a way that it is created specially keeping the Indians in mind.

Some Bangalore based company known as Hidden Reflex has created this great browser available for the Indian masses. The Epic browser is the web browser that is based on Firefox and is also featured with regional facilities that may provide the Indians an altogether new reason for rejoicing. Hidden Reflex was established by Alok Bhardwaj, an American based engineer in the year 2007. After the launch of this browser, the officials of the company are now planning to provide one more browser. The very first users of the Epic browser found it really interesting and smart choice to consider. The bright colors of the browser catch the attention of the users immediately. Also, there are various customizable options available in this new browser.

Features of Epic Browser

Some of the main features that this Epic browser boasts include malicious site warnings, fast downloads, easy browsing, maximum security and anti-phishing protection. The browser lets the user change the theme from the set of 1500 themes available. It even has several applications all bundled together at its sidebar that helps the users to access Facebook and Twitter with much ease. It is basically a widget kind of setup that incorporates fine tuning with modern surfers. But the browser permits the users to launch just a single widget in a window. One of the exceptional facilities provided by this browser is the anti virus that is a rare thing found in any browser. The best part about the browser is that it support 12 distinct Indian languages as well numerous productivity applications that are useful for all. These applications include video sidebar, my computer browser and the free word processor.

Epic Browser Download

After reading this Epic Browser Review and knowing features of Epic Browser I am sure you are going to give it a try for sure.

So here is download link of Epic browser :- http://www.epicbrowser.com/

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Enjoy browsing with Epic now and do share your experience with it.

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