Facebook fame increasing day by day in India

Facebook is getting more popular in India as well; we must know that facebook is world’s no. 1 social networking site. Now a day’s number of users of facebook is rapidly increasing in India. It’s due to the user friendliness of Facebook and also its features are inspiring many to join facebook.header_home
Facebook have so many features like image uploading, picture tagging, and so many cool applications like Photobuzz, slapstar, mafia wars and many more. Facebook is also famous due to so many cool games in form of applications and users are enjoying it allot. Orkut is the most famous social networking site in India till now but as fast facebook is attracting users on India its highly possible that facebook will become India’s no. 1 social networking site very soon. Fame of orkut is decreasing now a day in world as well as in India. Orkut is also almost copying all features from facebook. Like applications were introduced in facebook and after some time orkut also introduced this feature. Photo comments, photo tagging and many more features of orkut have inspiration of facebook and that is the reason why facebook getting fame as people will go for original first J. Facebook is also making relation with many famous websites, like twitter, ustream and many other websites. This is also paying major roll for the fame of facebook. Facebook have about 3.5% traffic from India and ranking of facebook is 7 in India which is more then orkut now. Orkut have 42 rank among famous websites of India. Overall rank of facebook is 3rd in world which jumped rapidly in last 1 year. (Source- alexa ) It’s good to have yourself on facebook or any other social networking sites like orkut to keep your connected with your friends as now a days the Internet Users are increasing rapidly and you can easily find your maximum friends on any famous social networking site. So you can stay connected with your all friends without phone calls or emails.

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