Facebook Launched Facebook Messenger for Mobile Devices iPhone & Android

On Tuesday, Facebook, the popular social networking site introduced the latest mobile application that helps iPhone and Android users to send messages to people instantly. It is called as the Facebook Messenger.

When you install the FB messenger, it will import all the present FB inbox conversations. With this, you can start a new conversation through adding some of your FB friends and phone numbers from the contact list of your mobile phone. In case someone is there in your phone contact list as well as in your FB friend list, you can select where to actually deliver the messages of the conversation.

Facebook Messenger is basically a separate application and so it just takes a single click to get the messages or even send the new ones, as reported by Lucy Zhang, the FB engineer. Lucy added that the messages are basically delivered via texts and notifications so that your friends can get them immediately.

Facebook Messenger

This latest application, she added further, can be easily used to reach the friends with ease whether they are in your mobile phone contact list or on Facebook. All you need to do is to just enter the name of the person.

The best part is that this application is free of cost and is available for Iphone via the App Store and on the other hand for Android users through Android Market. Another striking quality about this messenger is that you can choose the photo for group conversation and this is something that you will need as you begin to add more groups to the FB messenger menagerie.