Facebook Video Chat and how to set it up

Video chat is the really amazing feature these days that will change how things actually take place at Facebook. Rather than just enjoying the instant messaging facility, you can now take pleasure in the Facebook video chat option where you will be able to video chat with your friends. All you need to do is to just click on Video Call option, install plugin and get set go to enjoy amazing chat. The service is powered by the very popular Skype and is getting high demand and appreciation from the Facebook users.

Along with the video call feature, Facebook has even launched the latest design layout for Video Chat and has improved the feature of Group Chat. These are three latest things that have been launched by Facebook but the most important of them remains to be the Video call option.

The latest chat design has Video call button on each chat window and they have even launched the new chat sidebar that will remain at side of the browser all through the time and will let you know who all are online and who are not.

Facebook Video Chat

In order to set up Facebook video chat, you need to follow some simple steps and download a plugin to get started with the amazing video chat feature. Just point the browser to http://facebook.com/videocalling and choose the Get Starter option.

After clicking on the Set Up, plugin will start to download and the plugins are actually browser dependent. Then, click on the Run button to install plugin that should just take around 8 seconds or even lesser. After the process is over, new popup will appear telling “Calling user” and get cancel option when you need to end the call.

After getting connected, you get to the video chat option with your friends and are provided with the features like End, Minimize and Full Screen. You can further chat with other friends while video calling with some others.

The Video Chat feature by Facebook is actually going to give a true challenge to Google+.