Fifa World Cup Final 2010 – Spain vs Netherlands to Be Played Tonight

It is now the moment for the Spaniards to take their first ever FIFA World Cup. The match between Netherlands and Spain is all set to take place today i.e. on 11th July 2010 at 2:30 PM ET. Everyone is waiting for the FIFA World Cup Finals between the two powerful teams. No wonder it is the most anticipated soccer game in the entire history of FIFA world cup and one can expect it to be really tight and interesting.

Spain Clinched the Title of Fifa World Cup 2010..Octopus Prediction Once again TRUE!!!

If Spain will win, it will be their first World Cup and it is expected that both the soccer squads will not take it so easily as their legacy will be living today in the match.

Even Netherlands is undefeated in the World Cup 2010. After their great run through the tournament beating Slovakia with a 2-1 score and rallying Brazil in the quarterfinals, the team also defeated Uruguay for the 3-2 score in the wild semifinals.

Spain and Netherlands are both the first time teams to fight in the World Cup finals. But whatever will be the result in the Soccer City, South Africa, we will certainly register a very new record in the history of FIFA World Cup.