Find the top places to visit in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a great travel destination to consider if you want to relax and enjoy with your loved ones. The place is well known for a number of spots and destinations it offers to the locals and travelers alike. One of the sure shot places that you should visit in Pondicherry is Arikamedu. It is an amazing tourist destination because it is featured with historical relevance. A number of students can be found here on the study trips from time to time. Being located on banks of Ariyankuppam River, this place is actually remembered as trading centre of Romans around a number of centuries in the past.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram


This was founded by the very popular Sri Aurobindo. The ashram serves to be the place for practicing yoga, inner development as well as meditation.



It is located about 8 kilometers from Pondicherry and serves to be the place which one should not miss visiting. Auroville is the township that has universal essence and it has been easily able to accommodate people from 35 nations to be as a community. The primary idea behind this utopia was brought to the Mother some decades back after which she gave the blessing to this task.

French architecture

There are a number of monuments in Pondicherry that speak about French presence. It involves French built Children’s park having the Dupleix Marquis Joseph François statue. Other monuments are Mairie building that houses Puducherry Municipality, Le Café that served as port office, The French consulate, The Aayi Mandapam and Romain Rolland Library to name a few. Apart from all these monuments, there are various churches and other buildings as well that serve to be a part of French heritage.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens


It is definite that visiting Pondicherry is not complete without a trip to Botanical Gardens. Pondicherry has in fact fertile soil that accounts for greenery as well as vegetation all over the place. This is evident from the fact that the town flaunts one of the best botanical gardens in the nation. Thus the Botanical Gardens serve to be the home of various species of beautiful and rare plants and trees.


If you wish to spend some amazing time with your friends and family, enjoy at the beaches in Pondicherry. So get yourself tanned at Sangamam beach, Auro beacj and the Plage Paradiso beach.


Last but not least, Pondicherry is even famous for shopping of beautiful and creative souvenirs. Handmade papers, aromatics, linens, wooden handicrafts, terracotta as well as garments are really unique in Pondicherry.

So what are you waiting for? Just plan a trip and visit Pondicherry to enjoy serene, calm and memorable moments with your dear ones.