Five Ways to Surprise your Partner on Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is round the corner and you are thinking to surprise your partner. If you’re in the later stages of your relationship, it’s that time of the year again to jump into a romantic mode to keep the fire burning and if you are in the beginning of it or looking forward to propose to your flame, then tips suggested below may come in handy.


1)      Don’t just creep into mediocrity and surprise your partner with something called The Love Coupons. Put on your creative jumpsuit and prepare a small booklet of these love coupons that could include anything romantic your partner is interested in, like an activity (going on a long drive or getting a massage from you). These coupons he/she can randomly pick and you make their wish come true.

2)      If you crib your partner is always busy at work, surprise them with a 2-Minute Date. Show up at his/her workplace with flowers and ask them out to go with you on date for just two minutes. Hire a taxi and arrange a table for two, at the nearest possible point and drink coffee, then get into the taxi and drop them off to their workplace but not before you tell them you had a great date and a gift!

3)      Write a Love Letter to your partner, sprinkle a little perfume, tie it with a ribbon from a nightie (you’ll be wearing, in case if you are a girl and gift it , in case you are a boy) and slip it under the pillow the night before.

4)      Gift a ring or pendant that comes in two pieces, that is when both the pieces join together to complete the ring or the pendant. Truly symbolizing that you become complete with him/her.

5)      For guys; pamper your partner with a manicure or pedicure with you at a Unisex saloon and for the girls; pamper your partner with a romantic dinner!