Ford Ecosport Launched in India for Price Ranging 5.59L to 9.1L

The new Ford Ecosport is set to be available for the booking soon and there are revelations of all the features of the new ride from Ford online. Now the brochure of the new Ford Ecosport is available on the official site of Ford. While you all can take a look at the features and specifications of the new Ecosport on the official website but we try to make the task easier for you. Here we capture some of the major features and minor details to find out whether it will be a bumpy ride for you or a smooth driving, let’s check out.

The market availability

Ford will be availing the Ecosport for the customers in three variations of  1 liter petrol engine and 1.5 petrol and diesel engine variations. While if we talk about the looks specifications of the new Ecosport then it will be availed in four trim models  Ambient, Titanium, Titanium and Trend Optional trims. The 1.5 liter petrol Manual Transmission model of Ecosport will be availed in Ambient, Titanium and Trend  while the 1.5-litre Auto Transmission model is on the offer only in Titanium variant.


The Specifications of Ford Ecosport

The new Ecosport is designed for the Indian roads where the smooth ride is almost the dream and to keep up with the bumps on roads the new ford comes with enough ground clearing with its bottom placed 200 mm above ground.


Greater clearance off the ground makes the ride more enjoyable and the 550* mm water wading caapablity of the vehicle makes your experience on the roads more smoother.

The new Ford Ecosort is powered by 1.5/1 litre petrol engine as well as 1.5 litre diesel engine. The brands claims the innovative turo charged EcoBoost technology used in the engine enables it to consume 20% less fuel and provide the full torque at just 1400 rpm. The 6 speed auto transmission will  be availabe for only the 1.5 litre petrol engine variation. However there is use of 5 speed manual transmission in all other variations of the vehichle.

The interiors of Ecosport

The new Ecosport comes with all the comfort that is expected from an SUV these days.